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Ebay, a place to buy original art?

Recently I discovered an "artist"..? in the U.K. selling copies of my paintings for hundreds of pounds on Ebay and whilst it was a shock to discover this fraudulent behavior, its made me think about Ebay as a vehicle for people to access art especially now that bricks and mortar galleries no longer hold the monopoly on art they once did.  Fine art galleries were once necessary for most creative artists, being the most reliable way to make art accessible to the public, but the cost of that service to an artist could be anything up to 60% of sales...

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Official 2015 Equus Film Festival Poster Contest

Official 2015 Equus Film Festival Poster Contest has attracted an absolutely fabulous cross section of equine artistry. I have been invited to contest and have entered three paintings (see below). Votes are counted to determine short list of finalists and you can help if you're a member of Facebook. To vote please follow the steps below: 1. Click on the link below (takes you to the EFF Competition Album)2. VOTE there by clicking Like - & - Please share this photo on your own page. THANK YOU! https://www.facebook.com/EquusFilmFestivalNYC/photos        Official 2015 Poster Contest Equus Film Festival Competition Start...

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Welcome back, my beloved oil paints

During the last few years I've been exploring acrylic paints and mediums and have really enjoyed the flexibility, hardiness and immediacy of using them on canvas especially but still find they leave me wanting with regards to depth and resonance of colours. My current favorite brand of acrylic paints and mediums, Golden Acrylics, has a fabulous range of artist quality paints that are a far cry from those I had my first, dismal experience with some 20 odd years ago however two failed attempts at a couple of recent horse portraits has led me to break out the big guns...

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Now I have my very own .com

Thank-you for visiting and welcome to my website! I have to admit, the decision to get a domain name and develop my own website was not one made lightly because I will find it very challenging on many levels but given my current reluctance to give a gallery more than half of what I sell a painting for, I need to find another way to make my art more accessible and affordable!  I will do my utmost to maintain content, answer questions and check my messages but sometimes, if I'm feeling really creative, I rarely go near a computer preferring...

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