Now I have my very own .com

Posted by Nina Smart on

Thank-you for visiting and welcome to my website! I have to admit, the decision to get a domain name and develop my own website was not one made lightly because I will find it very challenging on many levels but given my current reluctance to give a gallery more than half of what I sell a painting for, I need to find another way to make my art more accessible and affordable!  I will do my utmost to maintain content, answer questions and check my messages but sometimes, if I'm feeling really creative, I rarely go near a computer preferring to spend my time and energy in front of an easel. So if my online presence seems a little quiet chances are I'm painting (or playing with horses) and will return to the online community with new work, so keep a look out!

One thing I'd like to share through this blog is some of my work in progress, partly to provide insight into my process (for those whom might be interested) but also because I'm less sure these days about how close a painting is to being finished and would therefore find feedback useful. A few years back I decided I wanted more out of my painting experience than merely reproducing a object in 2D so I began painting without a strict vision of the the painting's final outcome and as a result, along with many failed painting efforts, I am finally starting to see glimpses of a vibrancy in my paintings that is uniquely mine, my "style" if you like. So thanks for being here and I hope you'll pop back from time to time. Til then, take care Nina