Welcome back, my beloved oil paints

Posted by Nina Smart on

During the last few years I've been exploring acrylic paints and mediums and have really enjoyed the flexibility, hardiness and immediacy of using them on canvas especially but still find they leave me wanting with regards to depth and resonance of colours. My current favorite brand of acrylic paints and mediums, Golden Acrylics, has a fabulous range of artist quality paints that are a far cry from those I had my first, dismal experience with some 20 odd years ago however two failed attempts at a couple of recent horse portraits has led me to break out the big guns - my beloved oil paints!

Several years ago, medical advice determined I opt for a less toxic painting medium for a time, but now I need them back because try as I might, I can't bring a deep gloss to coat of a brown or bay horse in acrylic paint. Anyone with "how to" advice, feel welcome to share!

While equine portraits like this one of Australian racehorse, "Doriemus", painted in 1996, will always have their place in the world, I'm thinking I'd like to paint portraits more like this recent oil painting/sketch "The kind and gentle gelding" (fig 2) painted last month. Here's hoping the horse owner's agree!

 Doriemus 1996 Smart, Nina


 The Kind and Gentle Gelding 2014. Smart, Nina