Ebay, a place to buy original art?

Posted by Nina Smart on

Recently I discovered an "artist"..? in the U.K. selling copies of my paintings for hundreds of pounds on Ebay and whilst it was a shock to discover this fraudulent behavior, its made me think about Ebay as a vehicle for people to access art especially now that bricks and mortar galleries no longer hold the monopoly on art they once did. 

Fine art galleries were once necessary for most creative artists, being the most reliable way to make art accessible to the public, but the cost of that service to an artist could be anything up to 60% of sales on top of other various fees such as gallery hire, administration and other such fees. I've always struggled with how much the average gallery takes in commission but figured it must reflect how valuable they think they are to artists and the size of their mailing list.  These days however the world wide web can provide public accessibility especially for those gifted with social media and I for one, am hoping to save art enthusiasts a few dollars by cutting out the middle man and selling direct. 

Step 1 was building a website but that alone will not help you find an audience so I'm going to give Ebay a go and I'm starting with some lovely paintings I've had stored away for years, some a bargain prices. My Ebay user name is artbysmart and to find out more just click on link below: