Lips in Pink, 30x22" heavy watercolor paper

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Artwork Title: Lips in Pink

Description: Loosely painted fluid acrylic painting of a woman's pink lipstick lips. Unique artistic style.

Original acrylic painting on heavy handmade (Blue Lake) waterclour paper by Nina Smart. Signed Lower Right. February 2017

Dimensions: 30 x 22 inch (76x56cm) speckle edge 600gsm handmade rough, 100% rag paper, archival. UNFRAMED. Additional framing is required.


Inspiration: The first time I witnessed teenagers standing not more than 1 meter apart carry on a conversation using text messaging through their devices, I was wildly amused but then I started noticing younger people in particular, preferring to type their way through all kinds of scenarios rather than verbally communicate. I've therefore felt compelled to bring attention back to our original communication device, our mouth (and lips).

NB. Watermark is an overlay on photograph, original painting has no watermark.